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    Company founder Andreas von Rosen started producing his own high – end sparkling wine after terminating his involvement with a Rheingau – based winery. Over the course of six years he, in his funktion as managing director, developed the winery to a premium manufacturer of steep slope Riesling wines. Sparkling wine has always been a passion of von Rosen´s, and therefore the decision to build his new business in this premium sector was not a hard one.

    A success story began.

    Puremonde® is the registered trademark of ROSEN & ROSEN OHG Sektmanufaktury

  • Louis Pasteur said:

    "A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all non-fiction books"

    Every sparkling wine and every secco, bearing the name of Puremonde™, we drink even with a lot of joy. With each of our products, we identify ourselves fully. They correspond to our own high standards of quality. How do we achieve the highest quality? By going our own way:

    We separate the wine-growing in the vineyard consistently from the production of sparkling wine. Thus, we achieve the greatest possible independence. We must use no wine from our own vineyards, but we can choose the best base wines of German wine producers. Only wine after the first fermentation with full flavors and fragrances can be the basis for our sparkling wine production. The selection of base wines is carried out with very great care, because every sparkling wine is only as good as the wine from which it is created.

    Each bottle of sparkling wine, which bears the name Puremonde™, had to go through a long manufacturing process. This process, we would like to explain in more detail. Come with us on a short trip through the production.

  • we do it a bit different ...

    Basis for Puremonde Sparkling wine

    Selection of base wines / cuvée

    By selecting and combining different base wines we decisively determine the quality and the character of our sparkling wines. It depends not only on the smell and taste, but one must be able to assess how the wines will behave in the subsequent second fermentation for sparkling wine.

    Theoretically various combinations can be selected. You can add together different varietals, vineyards and vintages to a Cuvée. In Pure Monde champagne we dispense with the mixing of different varieties and different vintages. We want to produce varietal sparkling wines from a single grape variety of a growing region and a vintage.

    Classic bottle fermentation / Méthode champenoise

    To prepare the Puremonde Grande Perles sparkling wines, we use the classical method. It is called in France méthode champenoise. This method is the first choice for the production of champagne and sparkling wine of high quality.

    Each bottle Puremonde Grande Perles has gone through all steps in the production. Only this lengthy process ensures the high quality of our sparkling wines.

    Maturing process

    In the basement, at a temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius, the raw sparkling wine matures now on. The German law requires that the bottles have to be stored for 9 months in this state, at least. Puremonde sparkling wines stored min. 12 months.

    In the time of its storage of sparkling wine takes on the subtle flavors of the yeast and converts them into a variety of flavors. At the same time carbon dioxide combines with the champagne. It formed the bubbles which is indispensable to the tangy sparkling pleasure.


    After storing the yeast is shaken down in the next step. For this purpose, the bottles are stored in special riddling with the bottle caps obliquely downward. Daily every single bottle is shaken twice and rotated one-eighth. Thus, the yeast collects in the bottle neck. This process takes up to four weeks.


    After rattling the sparkling wine from the yeast the bottle neck with its crown cap is dipped briefly in a minus 25 degree cold solution. It forms an ice plug in which the yeast is attached. The bottle is raised and opened. With the uncorking the ice plug is ejected by the high internal pressure of the bottle.


    The sparkling wine has won through the second fermentation his pearl, but lost its natural sugar content, it is absolutely dry. But you want to enjoy a harmonious champagne. Therefore, each bottle is added a liqueur before corking. The dosage determines whether a sparkling wine will be brut, dry, semi-dry or mild.

    Our Puremonde sparkling wine has never left his bottle during the manufacturing process. This is what distinguishes the classical method from other methods (see our Compendium).

    The classic wire closure secures the cork. The sparkling wine is ready to be delivered to the food lovers.