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Pinot blanc

White Burgundy (Pinot Blanc)

Sparkling wine of traditional bottle fermentation

Tasting notes

Puremonde Pinot Blanc sparkling wine is shaken by hand and produced in the traditional bottle fermentation. The typical flavors of Pinot Blanc characterize this fine sparkling wine. Its taste is fruity combined with a very slight acid. The fine structure is reflected in the finish and ensures a sensual delight.
At six degrees Celsius and served in a tulip glass unfolds the Pinot Blanc sparkling wine its balanced harmony best.

Product details

Color: Slightly yellow with some green reflexes

Mousseux: Fine, long lasting Perlage

Bouquet: Typical white Burgundy nuances - elegant character, complex body, well balanced, impressive finish

Taste: Dry

Grape variety: 100 % White Burgundy

Growing region: Rhineland Palatinate

Production: Traditional bottle fermentation

Alcohol: 12,5 % VOL.

Allergy Note: Contains sulfites

Calories: Approximately 80 kilocalories per 0.1L